History of the British Coach Cars

Built for the Eastern Region of British Railways this third class corridor compartment coach seated 48 in a comfortable three-a-side arrangement in 8 compartments. It was fitted with vacuum brake and steam heating and ran on BR1 bogies with oil bearings. It would have been out-shopped in crimson lake and cream (also known as “carmine & cream” or “blood & custard) livery.

In 1956, second class was abolished and third class was re-designated second. In the same year standard coach livery became lined maroon. This would have been applied to new and fully-repainted vehicles.

The British Railways Mark 1 SK was the most numerous carriage design ever built in the United Kingdom. The original number series carried was 24000–26217. From 1983, those carriages in the 25xxx and 26xxx series were renumbered 18xxx and 19xxx.

There were two variants, those built for the Midland, Scottish, and Eastern / North Eastern regions had six seats per compartment, with fold-up arm-rests which folded into the seat-back, while those built for the Southern and Western regions, with their heavy commuter loadings into London, had eight seats in each compartment, and no arm-rests. Seating was of the interior sprung bench type. Over time, some SKs and BSKs were re-allocated from other regions to the Western, who tended to try to stitch the arm-rests in the up position.

A Mk1 Second Corridor (SK) coach at the North Norfolk Railway in 2007
In service 1951–present
Manufacturer BR Ashford/Easteigh, Derby (C&W), Doncaster, Swindon, Wolverton, York, BRCWCravensGRCW, & Metro Cammell
Family name British Railways Mark 1 and Mark 2A, 2B and 2C

Type: TK/SK (Third/Second Corridor), Diagram 146
Built: 1954, at BR Swindon* Carriage Works (Lot 30088)
Original No: E24458
Seating: 48 3rd/2nd class
Length: 64′ 6″ over body
Original Weight: 34 Tons


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