7th Annual Model A and T Car Show 2018


All photos contributed by Andrew Kent


The 7th Annual Standish Depot Model A and Model T Show was held July 14, 2018. It was a mild day, no rain, a little windy. Our winners this year came from California, Illinois and Michigan!


During the show, lunch and an ice cream social was offered to all pre-registered vehicle owners.


Entries were restricted to vehicles manufactured in or before 1931, which was the year Model A production ended. Speedster class entries had to have their original engine and chassis.


Awards were for:



Award Winners
1930 Model A Sports Coupe   1930 Model A Ford Pickup

Best of Show Model A Car: 1930 Model A Sports Coupe, owner Donald Haughton of Highland, Michigan


Best of Show Model A Truck: 1930 Model A Pickup, owner Michael Goheen of Deckerville, Michigan

  1924 Ford Truck

Best of Show Model T Car: 1921 Model T Car, owner Frank Remenar of Hartland, Michigan


Best of Show Model T Truck: 1924 Model T Truck, owner Tonda Cole of Lancaster, California

1915 Model T Ford Speedster   1922 Overland 4-Touring

Best of Show Speedster: 1915 Model T Speedster, owner George & Sherry Rutkowske of Trenton, Michigan


Best of Show Non-Ford: 1922 Overland 4-Touring, owner Rodger Wilson of Bolingbrook, Illinois